IPUMS Online Data Analysis System

This is a preliminary version of our new online data analysis system. The system uses high-speed tabulation software developed at UC-Berkeley's Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program. We welcome feedback on any aspect of the system.

On the right frame of the following screen you will need to specify the following:

  • a row variable
  • a column variable
  • any "filters": filters can optionally be used to include only certain cases in your analysis
  • any "controls": controls can optionally be used to produce a separate table for each category of a variable
  • weights: the default is set to "person weight." Generally, this should not be changed.

Examples and screenshots are available in our short instructions page, or see the video tutorial.
Simple tables are made in about 15 seconds.

Analyze all ASEC samples, 1962-2016

Note: analyses must include the "year" variable