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Since 2009, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has conducted a biennial survey to assess the inclusiveness of the US banking system. The survey is conducted in partnership with the US Census Bureau and collects responses from more than 36,000 households. The Un(der)banked Supplement provides estimates of the proportion of US households that do not have a bank account at an insured institution, and the proportion that have an account but use alternative financial services. The survey also includes information on a number of alternative topics, including the methods that households used to conduct financial transactions and use of nonbank credit systems.

The Un(der)banked Supplement was first fielded as a supplement to the January 2009 CPS basic monthly survey. In the following years, it has appeared as a supplement to the June CPS basic monthly survey.

The universe for the Un(der)banked Supplement includes all households interviewed in the respective month's basic CPS survey. The survey is conducted at the household level and questions were asked as appropriate.

The sample weights UBSUPPWTH and UBSUPPWT are available for researchers analyzing Un(der)banked Supplement variables at the household level and person level, respectively. UBSUPPWTH and UBSUPPWT differ from the basic monthly sample weights due to the existence of non-response households within the Un(der)banked Supplement.

Un(der)banked Supplement Codebooks

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