Veterans Supplement Sample Notes

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The Veterans Supplement to the CPS is an annual supplement (prior to 2009, the supplement was administered biannually) which includes information on service-connected disability, compensation for the disability, the effect of the disability on the person's labor force status, and participation in veterans' programs. Supplement items are asked of veterans 18 and older in the 1995 through 2003 samples, and veterans 17 and older in the 2005 through 2010 samples. It is a self-response supplement; proxy respondents were relied on only if multiple attempts to contact the individual were unsuccessful. The supplement is sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Veterans Affairs (VA).

For veteran supplement data, VTSUPPWT values are identical to values for WTVET. This weight is controlled to estimates of veterans supplied by Veterans Affairs.

Veteran Supplement Codebooks

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