Work Schedules Supplement Sample Notes

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The Work Schedules Supplement collects additional information on working hours and work done at home for all respondents in a household that were working at the time of the supplement. Self-response was not required for this supplement, so an individual could answer as a proxy for other employed household members.

A small set of work schedules questions were included in the May CPS from 1973-1981. Beginning in 1985, a separate Work Schedules supplement was included intermittently, with a wider range of questions related to work schedules and working at home. In the years in which this supplement was included, it occurred during May.

The universe for the Work Schedules Supplement is civilians 15 or older. Additionally, respondents needed to be currently employed, since the questions concerned time and place of work.

The supplement weight for Work Schedules is WSSUPPWT. If a variable begins with "WS" and is found in the Work Schedules Supplement group, use WSSUPPWT.

Work Schedules Supplement Codebooks

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