Displaced Worker Supplement Sample Notes

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The Displaced Worker Supplement collects additional earnings and employment information from respondents who had lost or left a job due to layoffs or shutdowns within the past 3 years. Self-response was not required for this supplement, so often one individual answered for all household members.

This supplement usually occurs during January or February, and is often fielded with the Job Tenure and Occupational Mobility Supplement.

The universe for the Displaced Workers Supplement is civilians 20 or older. Respondents are further categorized as a "displaced worker" if they meet additional characteristics (see DWSTAT). Additionally, some respondents who were eligible to receive Displaced Workers questions were not interviewed, and are NIU for most Displaced Worker questions. These individuals are identified by DWRESP.

Because the Displaced Worker and Job Tenure supplements tend to be in the same sample, it's necessary to take care in choosing the correct weight for each supplement question. The supplement weight for Displaced Workers is DWWT, while the Job Tenure weight is JTWT. The appropriate weight for each variable in either of these supplements is indicated by the first two letters of the variable name. If the variable begins with "DW" and is found in the Displaced Worker Supplement group, use DWWT. If the variable begins with "JT" and is found in the Job Tenure Supplement group, use JTWT.

Displaced Worker Supplement Codebooks

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