Volunteer Supplement Sample Notes

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Since 2002, the Current Population Survey Volunteer Supplement Survey has measured the population's participation in volunteer activities. The supplement, administered in the month of September, asks questions related to volunteering activities of household members age fifteen and older. In case of unsuccessful attempts for a self-response, proxy responses are used.

Respondents who reported volunteering in the past year were asked about the type of organizations they have volunteered for, how much time they have dedicated to volunteering activities, and what type of activities they have been engaged in. In addition, the supplement includes questions on how the respondent first become involved with the main organization they volunteered for and whether volunteering took place in a foreign country. Non-volunteers were asked about what factors might encourage them to volunteer in the future and the reason why they do not volunteer.

The supplement weight is VLSUPPWT, which accounts for supplement non-response.

Volunteer Supplement Codebooks

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