Pre-2016 IPUMS-CPS Constructed Family Pointers and Related Variables

In 2016, IPUMS-CPS updated its methods for constructing the family interrelationship variables SPLOC, MOMLOC, POPLOC, MOMRULE, and POPRULE, as well as added new variables, MOMLOC2, POPLOC2, MOM2RULE, and POP2RULE. These changes in constructed family interrelationship variables also affect several other constructed variables that depend on these pointers. These variables are NCOUPLES, NFAMS, NFATHERS, NMOTHERS, NCHILD, NCHLT5, NSIBS, ELDCH, YNGCH, FAMSIZE, and FAMUNIT. The files below include the previous version of the family pointers and affected family interrelationship variables. STEPMOM and STEPPOP, also pointer-dependent variables, were discontinued as of the August 2016 data release and are included in the files here. The unique identifiers are SERIAL, PERNUM, YEAR, MONTH, and ASECFLAG.

Pre-2016 Family Pointers and Pointer-dependent Variables

Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2010-2015 cps2010_2015.csv cps2010_2015.dta cps2010_2015.sas7bdat cps2010_2015.sav
2000-2009 cps2000_2009.csv cps2000_2009.dta cps2000_2009.sas7bdat cps2000_2009.sav
1990-1999 cps1990_1999.csv cps1990_1999.dta cps1990_1999.sas7bdat cps1990_1999.sav
1980-1989 cps1980_1989.csv cps1980_1989.dta cps1980_1989.sas7bdat cps1980_1989.sav
1976-1979 cps1976_1979.csv cps1976_1979.dta cps1976_1979.sas7bdat cps1976_1979.sav
1962-1975 cps1962_1975.csv cps1962_1975.dta cps1962_1975.sas7bdat cps1962_1975.sav

A brief overview of the new IPUMS-CPS family pointers can be found here.

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