SPM and Survey Weights Pre-2014 Update

In 2014, the Census Bureau updated the SPM public use research files to reflect three changes. First, the 2010 and 2011 files include updated tax estimates. Second, all files use a revised estimate for WIC (see SPMWIC for more information). Third, all files use Census 2010-based population controls (see WTSUPP for more information). IPUMS-CPS makes available only the most up-to-date data. The files below provide the earlier data. The unique identifiers are SERIAL, PERNUM,and YEAR. Note that different variables were updated for each year.

Supplement Poverty Measures.

Supplement weights.

The files below contain the old data for SPM and the 2000-based weights.

Supplemental Poverty Measures and Survey Weights - Pre-2014 Update Files

Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
oldrepwts.txt oldrepwts.dta oldrepwts.sas7bdat oldrepwts.sav
SPM and Weights
oldspmvalues.txt oldspmvalues.dta oldspmvalues.sas7bdat oldspmvalues.sav