Disability Supplement Sample Notes

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The disability supplement of the Current Population Survey asks respondents age 15 and older questions about the impact of their reported difficulty seeing, hearing, remembering, moving about, accomplishing personal care tasks, or leaving their home had on their employment. Responents reporting these types of difficulties were asked about participation in employment assistance programs and whether they found this assistance helpful. This supplement also contains information on disability benefits received by respondents, regardless of whether or not they report having difficulty seeing, hearing, remembering, moving about, completing personal care, or leaving their home.

The disability supplement allows proxy response, meaning that a single respondent could answer questions for all supplement-eligible household members. Unfortunately, there is no flag for whether or not a supplement responses are self-responses or a proxy-responses.

Some supplement respondents are coded as NIU in the original data for some variables when they appear to meet the universe criteria. In all cases, these individuals did not, in fact, respond to the disability supplement (DISUPFLG = 2).

DISUPPWT should be used to tally the Disability supplement.

Disability Supplement Codebooks

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