2014 ASEC Income-Consistent Files

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The files below contain modeled variables for interest, dividend, and retirement income for those who received the traditional survey instrument in the 2014 ASEC. These imputed variables are intended to assign survey responses for these income variables that are consistent with the redesigned questionnaire to respondents originally given the traditional survey for the 2014 ASEC.

The modeled income variables are available in the following formats

These files contain ten imputed versions of the interest, dividend, and retirement income variables along with the linking keys HSEQ and LINENO. Users should be sure to include these linking keys in their IPUMS-CPS extract, and then merge on these variables in the stats package of their choice.

Census Bureau documentation on these imputed income variables can be found here.

For more information on the creation of the income-consistent research file from which these implicate income variables are taken can be found in the Census Bureau working paper: Bridging a Survey Redesign Using Multiple Imputation: An Application to the 2014 CPS ASEC, Jonathan Rothbaum.

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