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Survivor benefits income from second source


99999999 = N.I.U. (Not in Universe).

The Census Bureau applies different disclosure avoidance measures across time for individuals with high income in this variable. Detailed explanations of these methods, topcodes, and replacement value and swap value thresholds are available here.


INCSURV2 reports the amount of income from survivor benefits received by a respondent during the previous calendar year, from the source identified in SRCSURV2. For example, if the source of payments identified in SRCSURV2 were "company or union pension" (code 01), then INCSURV2 would report the amount of income received from survivor benefits from a company or union pension during the previous calendar year.

The first source of survivor benefits reported by an individual is identified in SRCSURV1, and the amount of income from that first source is reported in INCSURV1. If individuals reported only one source of income from survivor benefits (and received a code of 00 in SRCSURV2), then the INCSURV2 has a value of 99999999 (indicating no income from a second source of survivor benefits).


If researchers account for the effects of inflation using Consumer Price Index adjustment factors (see INCTOT), INCSURV1 and INCSURV2 are both largely comparable over time. Reported amounts may be more accurate for 1995 and beyond, however, since respondents could report income amounts in terms of weekly, bi-weekly, twice monthly, monthly, or yearly payments beginning in that year; for 1994 and earlier, income information was collected in terms of yearly amounts only.

Researchers interested in the total amount of income received from survivor benefits, rather than the amount received from specific sources, should use INCSURV. Because INCSURV reports the value of survivor benefits from all sources, the amount reported in that variable may be greater than the sum of INCSURV1 and INCSURV2.


  • Persons age 15+ who reported a second source of income from survivor benefits.


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