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Usual weekly number of hours paid overtime rate


Numeric 2-digit variable that expresses a number of hours.

96 = Refused
97 = Don't Know
98 = No Response
99 = N.I.U. (Not in Universe).


WSOTHRS reports the number of work hours in a usual week for which the respondent is paid at the overtime rate.

While this question was asked only of those who are usually paid overtime for some hours, note that some respondents provided an answer of 0 overtime hours.

This variable is part of the Work Schedules Supplement.


This variable is comparable over time.


  • Persons age 15+ that are currently employed, excluding self-employed persons, who are usually paid an overtime rate


Years Jan Feb ASEC Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2001 - - - - X - - - - - - -
2004 - - - - X - - - - - - -


This variable has no flags.


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