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Second source of retirement income

Codes and Frequencies

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SRCRETI2 reports the second source of retirement income identified by respondents who answered yes to the question, "Other than Social Security or VA benefits, did you receive any pension or retirement income from a previous employer or union, or any other type of retirement income [during the previous calendar year]?" The first source of retirement income is reported in SRCRETI1. Individuals who received retirement income from only one source are coded as Not in Universe (code 0) in SRCRETI2.


This variable and the companion variable SRCRETI1 are comparable over time.

The amount of income received during the previous calendar year from the source identified in SRCRETI2 is reported in the INCRETI2 variable. Similarly, income received from the first source of retirement income, identified in SRCRETI1, is reported in INCRETI1.

Researchers interested in the total amount of retirement income received, rather than the amount received from specific sources, should use INCRETIR. Because INCRETIR, which is available for 1988 on, reports the value of retirement income from all sources (other than Social Security and VA payments), the amount reported in that variable could be greater than the sum of INCRETI1 and INCRETI2 alone.

Recipients of some categories of retirement income identified in SRCRETI1 and SRCRETI2 can also be identified in earlier years. For 1976-1987, recipients of federal government employee pensions (category 2 in SRCRETI1 and SRCRETI2) are identified in GOTFEDRP; recipients of state and local government pensions (category 4 in SRCRETI1 and SRCRETI2) are identified in GOTSTLRP; and recipients of U.S. military retirement pensions (category 3 in SRCRETI1 and SRCRETI2) are identified in GOTMILRP. For 1976-1987, persons with private sources of retirement income, including company or union pensions, regular payments from annuities and paid-up insurance policies, and/or regular payments from IRA, KEOGH, or 401K accounts (categories 1, 6, and 7 in SRCRETI1 and SRCRETI2) are identified in GOTPVTRP. Researchers cannot, however, assume that recipients of Railroad Retirement income, identified by the GOTRRRP variable for 1976-1987, are comparable to persons who received a code of 5 (received retirement income from U.S. Railroad Retirement pension) in SRCRETI1 or in SRCRETI2. Some recipients of Railroad Retirement income identified by GOTRRRP in 1976-1987 received disability payments or survivor benefits administered by the Railroad Retirement Board, rather than retirement pensions.


  • Persons age 15+ who received retirement income (other than VA benefits and Social Security) during the previous calendar year and who reported a first source of retirement income.


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