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Retirement income


999999 = N.I.U. (Not in Universe).

See User Note for an explanation of these codes, and the Topcodes Tables page for documentation on income component topcodes over time.


INCRETIR indicates how much pre-tax income (if any) the respondent received from a pension or retirement income from a previous employer or union, or from other retirement income (excluding Social Security and Veterans' Administration payments). The survey questionnaire listed the following types of retirement income: company or union pension, including profit sharing; annuities; U.S. military retirement; federal government employee pensions; state or local government employee pensions; U.S. Railroad Retirement; regular payments from annuities or paid-up insurance policies; and other sources such as IRA or KEOUGH accounts.

Amounts are expressed as they were reported to the interviewer; users must adjust for inflation using Consumer Price Index adjustment factors.


Along with the effect of inflation and shifts in the variable universe, there were changes in the income categories included in INCRETIR.

For 1962-1967, income sources included in INCRETIR are subsumed in the INCUNERN variable, which encompasses all income from sources other than wages and salaries (INCWAGE) and self-employment income from non-farm businesses (INCBUS) and farms (INCFARM).

For 1968-1975, government payments later classified as components of INCRETIR would be included in the INCGOV variable; retirement income from non-government sources would largely be included in INCALOTH during the same years.

Railroad Retirement payments were included in INCSS for 1968-1979, but were counted toward INCRETIR beginning in 1980.

Comparability with IPUMS-USA

There is considerable overlap between the INCRETIR variable in IPUMS-USA for the 1990 and 2000 censuses and the CPS variable of the same name in IPUMS-CPS. There are some important differences, however. As noted, Railroad Retirement income counted as part of INCRETIR in the CPS beginning in 1980; Railroad Retirement income was consistently incorporated into the census variable INCSS rather than INCRETIR in IPUMS-USA. The IPUMS-USA variable INCRETIR also included survivor and disability pension income other than Social Security. IPUMS-CPS includes survivor and disability income in two separate variables, INCSURV and INCDISAB, respectively, rather than including them in INCRETIR. Users of these data should not equate identical names with identical content for INCRETIR in the two databases.


  • 1976-1979: Persons age 14+
  • 1980+: Persons age 15+.


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