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Current amount of telework or work at home for pay in comparison to before COVID-19 pandemic started (February 2020)

Codes and Frequencies

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For employed respondents 16 years or older who currently telework and teleworked prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, TELWRKDIFFCVD reports the difference in the amount of teleworking in the last week compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic (February 2020). This question was not asked to people who were employed, but not currently working due to vacation, illness, or other reasons. For respondents who hold multiple jobs, this question does not separately identify which one. Respondents with EMPSTAT = 12 are NIU (Not in Universe).
Other Telework Variables:

  • TELWRKHR: In the last week, total number of hours telework for pay
  • TELWRKBFCVD: If respondent teleworks or works from home for pay prior to COVID-19 pandemic
  • TELWRKPAY: Current amount of telework or work at home for pay in comparison to during the COVID-19 pandemic

For more information on the telework variables, please refer to the telework page for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


TELWRKDIFFCVD is comparable across all available samples.


  • Civilians 16+ who are currently employed and teleworked for pay, in the last week, and teleworked for pay prior to the COVID-19 pandemic (February 2020).


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