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Total family income


Note: Values are as they appear in the original CPS data. Top-codes, bottom-codes, and NIU codes have not been harmonized by IPUMS.

9999999999 = NIU

50000 = Top Code (50,000 and greater)

Values in all years can be negative.


FTOTVAL reports the total income for the respondent's family. Amounts are expressed as they were reported to the interviewer (i.e., in the survey year's dollar amounts). Users may want to adjust for inflation using Consumer Price Index adjustment factors. (FTOTVAL relies on Census-defined families. For more on Census families see FTYPE and FAMREL. This is a different definition from IPUMS-derived families as in FAMUNIT).


FTOTVAL is taken directly from family record of the original CPS public use microdata samples. This variable relies on family designations identified in the original CPS data, and is the basis for the creation of the official poverty measure (available in POVERTY and OFFPOV).

FTOTVAL represents the total income from all sources for each family. The definition of family unit used by the Census Bureau differs in small ways from that used by the IPUMS. Further information on why and how this definition differs can be found on the FAMUNIT variable description.

Staff at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau use FTOTVAL and CUTOFF to derive official poverty measures.

Comparability with IPUMS-USA

While FTOTVAL is taken directly from the original CPS data, FTOTINC available through IPUMS-USA data has been derived based on the incomes of members of persons in each FAMUNIT as defined by the IPUMS family interrelationship variables (MOMLOC, POPLOC, and SPLOC).


  • 1963-1967: All Persons.
  • 1968-1975: All Persons, excluding children having no family members.
  • 1976+: All Persons.


Years Jan Feb ASEC Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1964 – 2023 - - X - - - - - - - - -


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