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Currently attending/enrolled in regular school

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EDATT indicates whether a person is attending or enrolled in regular school. Interviewers were instructed to identify anyone enrolled at any time during the current school term as enrolled. Regular school includes nursery school, kindergarten, elementary, middle school/junior high, high school, colleges, universities and professional schools which advance a person toward an elementary or high school diploma, college, university, or professional degree. Attendance can be full or part time, during the day or night. Among those attending, EDGRADE specifies the grade in which the student is enrolled.

This variable is part of the Education Supplement


Apart from changes in the universe, this variable is comparable over available years.


  • Oct 1976: All persons
  • Oct 1977: Persons age 3-34
  • Oct 1978: Persons age 14+
  • Oct 1979-1981: All persons
  • Oct 1982-1983, 1989-1993, 2011+: Persons age 3+
  • Oct 1984-1988, 1994-2010: Civilians age 3+


Years Jan Feb ASEC Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1976 – 2022 - - - - - - - - - X - -



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