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March supplemental person level weight, 1962-2023


UH_WGTS_A1 is an 12-digit numeric variable.

UH_WGTS_A1 has two implied decimal places. That is, 123456789012 should be interpreted as 1234567890.12. The IPUMS command files automatically make the necessary adjustment.


March supplemental person level weight - 1962-2023

Unicon Corporation made the following notes about this variable:
(Note: the 2002+ files are actually SCHIP files and are most comparable to the 2001S file). In July 2005, the Census re-released the 2004 weights. They were recalculated based on more age detail for children to provide better estimates of children by single year of age. These TST weights will be the official weights in 2005. Apply this weight to ALL variables in 2001 forward and to supplemental variables in earlier years. Final weight (wgtfnl) may be applied to basic variables before 2001. The following may be used as weight origination guidelines: The household record gets the householder weight. The Primary Family family record gets the householder weight. The Nonfamily Householder family record gets the householder wgt. The Related subfamily record gets the subfamily head weight. The Unrelated subfamily record gets the subfamily head weight. The Secondary Individual record gets the secondary indivdual wgt. See discussion of weights in Appendix Q.


UH_WGTS_A1 is comparable across all available samples.


  • All person records.


Years Jan Feb ASEC Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1962 – 2023 - - X - - - - - - - - -


This variable has no flags.