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Weekly earnings before deductions, 2023_04-2024_06


UH_ERNWK_B5 is a 9-digit numerical variable with two implied decimals. That is, 123456789 should be interpreted as 1234567.89. The IPUMS command files automatically make the necessary adjustment, so no further adjustment is needed.


Weekly earnings before deductions -2024_06

This variable includes samples in which a change in earnings data is being phased into the CPS sample. As part of these changes, earnings data were rounded. For more information on the rounding scheme, see the Census Bureau's user note. In this variable, earnings were rounded as a privacy measure for those respondents in MISH 4 only.

This variable is topcoded. In this variable, topcodes are handled differently across MISH 4 and MISH 8 respondents. More information on topcodes for MISH 8 respondents can be found here. The topcode value for the MISH 4 respondents is a weighted average of the top 3% of earners in the file and will change from month to month. For more information on this dynamic topcoding, see the Census Bureau's user note. Topcoded records for both MISH groups are indicated by UH_ERNWTF_B1.


UH_ERNWK_B5 is comparable across all available samples.


  • Those eligible for the earner study.


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