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Discouraged worker could have started last week, 1994-2021_08

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Discouraged worker could have started last week - 1994-2021_08

Unicon Corporation made the following notes about this variable:
Discouraged workers are defined as persons not in the labor force who want and are available for a job and who have looked for work sometime in the past 12 months (or since the end of their last job if they held one within the past 12 months), but who are not currently looking because they believe there are no job available or there are none for which they would qualify. [Source: BLS definition taken from Employment and Earnings]


UH_DWAVL_B1 is comparable across all available samples.


  • Those who did not work at a job or business during last 12 months or have looked for work since left last job within last 12 months.


Years Jan Feb ASEC Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1994 – 2020 X X - X X X X X X X X X X
2021 X X - X X X X X X - - - -