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State income tax liability, after all credits


9999999 = N.I.U. (Not in Universe).


STATAXAC indicates the amount of state tax liability, after tax credits are deducted. The credits include the additional child tax credit and the earned income tax credit. For more information about these credits, see the Internal Revenue Service website. STATETAX indicates the amount of state tax liability, before tax credits are deducted. Amounts are reported in dollars.

Amounts for STATAXAC are expressed in dollars of the given year, rather than in constant dollars adjusted for inflation. Users can adjust for inflation using Consumer Price Index adjustment factors.


Apart from the effects of inflation, STATAXAC is largely comparable over time.


  • Persons age 15+.


Years Jan Feb ASEC Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2005 – 2023 - - X - - - - - - - - -


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