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Second source of disability income

Codes and Frequencies

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SRCDISA2 reports the second source of disability payments identified by respondents who acknowledged receiving income (other than Social Security or VA benefits) during the previous calendar year as a result of health problem, disability, or handicap. The first source of disability payments is reported in SRCDISA1. Individuals who received disability payments from only one source are coded as Not in Universe (code 00) in SRCDISA2.


This variable and the companion variable SRCDISA1 are largely comparable over time. Two categories, black lung miner's disability benefits and state temporary sickness benefits (codes 08 and 09, respectively), were added in 2003.

The amount of disability income received, during the previous calendar year, from the source identified in SRCDISA2 is reported in INCDISA2. Similarly, income received from the first source of disability payments, identified in SRCDISA1, is reported in INCDISA1 for adults.

Researchers interested in the total amount of disability income received, rather than the amount received from specific sources, should use INCDISAB. Because INCDISAB reports the value of disability payments from all sources, the amount reported in that variable may be greater than the sum of INCDISA1 and INCDISA2.

As noted above, disability income from Veterans Administration payments are excluded from SRCDISA1 and SRCDISA2. Recipients of veterans' disability compensation are identified by the GOTVDISA variable, beginning in 1988.


  • Persons age 15+ who reported receiving income (other than Social Security or VA benefits) due to health problems and who reported a first source of disability income.


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1988 – 2022 - - X - - - - - - - - -



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