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Policyholder line number for current non-marketplace coverage

NMWHONW is a 2-digit numeric variable.


99 = NIU


NMWHONW indicates the line number of the policyholder of the respondent's current non-marketplace coverage for those who have non-marketplace insurance through a household member.

NMWHONW is a pointer value that allows researchers to link a dependent covered by non-marketplace insurance to the household member who was the policyholder of that insurance, using information in the LINENO variable.

Non-marketplace coverage is private insurance purchased directly by the policyholder outside of the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges.


This variable is comparable across time.


  • 2019-2023 ASEC: Respondents currently covered by non-marketplace health insurance of household member.


Years Jan Feb ASEC Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2019 – 2023 - - X - - - - - - - - -


This variable has no flags.

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