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Jan 2022
Jan 2022
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A year ago, in January 2021, (was/were) (name/you) employed by government, a private company, or a nonprofit organization, or (was/were) (name/you) self-employed or working in a business owned by a member of (his/her/your) family?
(1) Government (go to ST26)
(2) Private for-profit company (go to ST28)
(3) Nonprofit organization (go to ST28)
(4) Self-employed (go to ST28)
(5) Working in a family-owned business (go to ST27)
[blind] (D) Don't Know (go to ST28)
[blind] (R) Refused (go to ST28)
[If (2), SCOW2 = 4; if (3), SCOW2 = 5; if (4), SCOW2 = 11]