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Class of worker last year

Codes and Frequencies

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CLASSWLY specifies whether a person who worked during the previous calendar year was self-employed, an employee in private industry or the public sector, in the armed forces, or worked without pay in a family business or farm. Respondents were classified by the job that they held for the longest time during the previous year. More specific information about an individual's job during this period is given in OCCLY, OCC50LY, INDLY, and IND50LY.

CLASSWKR relates to the respondent's job during the previous week, rather than the previous year. CLASSWKR also reports the most recent job for respondents who were not employed in the week prior to the survey.


Along with universe shifts, the degree of detail included in CLASSWLY changes over time. Information is consistently available on five main classifications: self-employed, wage or salary worker in private industry, government employee, member of the armed forces, and unpaid worker in a family business. Beginning in 1988, the self-employed category distinguishes between those in incorporated and non-incorporated businesses, and the government category specifies whether the employer was the federal, state, or local government.


  • 1962-1967: Civilians age 14+ coded as "match" on the FEBMAR variable and who worked last year (pre-1968 samples do not include persons under age 14).
  • 1968-1979: Civilians age 14+ who worked last year.
  • 1980-1987: Civilians age 15+ who worked last year.
  • 1988+: Persons age 15+ who worked last year.


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